Global Warming, Revisited

Is global warming happening? If it is happening, is it a result of human activity? Are greenhouse gases to blame? These are all moot questions.

Long term survival of the human species depends on global weather control, mastery of space travel, and terraforming of alien planets. It is highly likely that global weather control will be a key piece of fast and successful terraforming of alien planets. We are taking just baby steps about space travel, but no headway in terms of global weather control.

I see emissions reduction as Global Weather Control Version 0.1. If global warming is happening, emissions reduction are key to restore weather patterns throughout the world. If global warming is NOT happening, we should be able to measure the effect of emissions reduction. Both ways, this would be the first time the human race does something about controlling our environment at a planetary scale.

If the human race is ever to achieve Global Weather Control Version 1, we can’t skip this baby step now. Doing otherwise would be irresponsible in the long term.

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