The World is Very Weird

Matter, which is made of Particles (or Waves) has Mass. Mass and Energy come in Discrete Packets and are equivalent. It looks like Energy unleashes via a Fundamental Force into a Force that can make Matter move in three dimensional Space (which is never a Vacuum), but Forces can be explained by exchanges of Discrete Packets (except Gravity so far). Particles and Waves can carry Information, thanks to their properties, like Mass, Colour and Spin. The Uniformity of the Universe implies the Conservation or certain properties, like Energy/Mass. Whereas Space and Time are somehow interchangeable, Space is simmetric, but Time is not, as destroying Information increases Entropy which always increases in Time. Do Time and Space come in Discrete Packets like Mass and Energy do?. Is the continouos destruction of Information what makes Time go “forward” as the Universe is not perfectly Uniform yet? Is Time a delusion derived of our memories representing a local disminution of Entropy?

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