A Prequel to Don Quixote

A prequel of “Don Quixote” inspired by Stanislaw Lem, where we meet Alonso Quijano as a teenager in an alternative universe. Numerous continuations of the Quijote have been written. But never a prequel, until now:

“Alonso Quijano is a young shepherd who lives in a medieval village. Alonso is in love with the young Dulcinea, who in turn is betrothed to Alonso’s best friend, Hamete Benengueli, a squire and troubadour. His final attack against the order of the cavalry. Among the bad arts of Mambrino are the crossbow, the cannon and the firearms, but these wits can not do anything against the spells of their enemies, reason why decides to end the magic itself Alonso Quijano is forced to destroy the fountain of magic itself, in order to defeat Mambrino and save Dulcinea, When he destroys the source, the immortal future of the cavalry is destroyed as well. The old Alonso Quijano is not simply crazy, but remembers vaguely and contaminated by fantastic novels a past that he himself destroyed.”

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