History of the Science Fiction Future

It is interesting that some of the most important science fiction series of all time can be linked together in a consistent history of the future, isn’t it? “History of Science Fiction Future” links “Planet of Apes” with “Robocop”, “Terminator”, “Matrix”, “Alien”, “Star Wars” and “Dune”.

Year 1975 Planet of Apes George Taylor and his crew travel to the future, but they don’t get as for from earth as they thought…

Year 1986 Robocop is “born” out of the remains of Alex Murphy. Machines can’t still match a human brain. Human augmentation won’t go any further than this…

Mechanical implants are socially rejected. Someone with any noticeable one will be called nasty names. Cain belongs to an extremist religious group that abhors any kind of implants on humans. His twin brother Adam works for OmniConsumer Products. Then they clash, but that’s a story to tell some other time…The corporation that made RoboCop is split. The computers branch moves to California and changes name to Cyberdyne…

Year 2000 Terminator…were they find a very interesting piece of hardware among the remains of whatever tried to kill Sarah Connor…

Time machines are not precise. Run them uses an enormous amount of energy. During a test they send a Terminator to the past. Kyle Reese slips in at the last second, ultimately saving Sarah Connnor’s live sometime in the 20th century. T1000 is a one-of-a-kind prototype, sent to the past after T1’s failure. John Connor throws the final attack on SkyNet from Zion, but he can’t count on all his manpower because of the squads sent to capture, reprogram and send the second Terminator to protect John Connor. After the failure of the attack the few remaining survivors are connected to a Matrix prototype, trying to squeeze Zion’s location out of them. There is no energy left in earth to use the time machine ever again.Some commit suicide. None of the rest survives the implanting of ports for Matrix plug-in.

Year 2329 Matrix The sucessors of SkyNet use Matrix to control the human race, harvesting power in the process.

Thomas Anderson (aka Neo) destroys Matrix, freeing the human race. Unbeknownst to him, other big apes where found just as useful as humans for power generation. Matrix had a dramatic effect on the apes intelellectual abilities, who become a powerful opposition on earth domination!…But humans won give up easily, and a long war will follow…

Year 3975 (Ape Year 1600, New Era Year Zero) Planet of Apes…ultimately won by the apes, for a high price, as all remains of technology disappear.

George Taylor lands on a Planet of Apes. The descendants of Taylor and Nova regain control of the Earth in less than a hundred years. Some say epidemic decimated the apes, some say the last intelligent humans living in Zion surfaced to help…A thousand years later, humanity brings itself from near prehistory to travel the galaxy once more……and they are no longer on their own…

Year 4975 (New Era Year 1000) Alien A life form never found in over three hundred worlds surveyed that “gestates in a living human host and has concentrated molecular acid for blood” is found by the Nostromo crew at LV-426. Only Ellen Ripley makes it back…you know the rest.

Year 5100 (New Era Year 1125)…with the helping hand of the second alien species known to man. They teach us their primitive hyperluminic technology that renders hypersleep unnecessary, and a bit of philosophy, religion, well, something called “The Force”.

Year 7000 (New Era Year 2025) Star Wars The location of the Mother Planet, Earth, is forgotten.

You know this story well, the Republic, the Empire, that stuff. What you don’t know is that in the year 6000 (or 6191, depending on the historic sources), an human sect that abhors machines moves out of the Milky Way Galaxy in a slower than light ship. It takes to them three thousand years to get there, and a few more to colonize it. Eventually the melange spice is discovered, in a planet inhabited only by huge sandworms…

Year 14000 (New Era Year 10191, 57th year of the Padishah Emperor) Dune Paul Muad’dib becomes the Kwisat Haderach, The Emperor, and more…

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