Mind Stroke

Mind Stroke (Ataque Mental) is a poignant story about two strong conflicts that most people have experienced: When you know you have to do something, you want to do it, and yet, everything between you and getting it done is actually daring to do it. When many people have this view of the world, that so many people share: Things happen for a reason. Coincidences are not coincidences. When you do bad things, bad things happen to you… And some people will go through great lengths to make this view of the world stand.

Mind Stroke was selected in the following festivals:

  • El Páramo Cineclub (México)
  • Festival de cine Al Carrete (Colombia)
  • Sgae en Corto (Spain)
  • Festival de Terror y Fantástico La Vieja Encina (Sevilla).
  • Festival Internacional de Cine Fantástico (Torremolinos)
  • Festival de Cine de la Almunia (Spain)
  • La Rioja es de Cine (Spain)

The Team
Ian Crebik: Ian plays one of the leads.

Miguel Fregosi: Miguel plays one of the leads. In his own words: “One of the reasons I became an actor is because I wanted to make people live different experiences and point out some questions one answers by himself. It’s a way to express myself, sharing my feelings and experiences, in an imaginary world, but being honest and truthful, no matter how far at the beginning I might think the character is from me. This film is one more step in the way that will take me my whole life. This amazing crew has given me serious work, generosity and passion!”

Artur Palomo: Artur plays one of the leads in the teaser. He was a reporter in “No Tenim Criteri”, presenter of the shows “Cool”, “Select MTV”, he dubs in Spanish the voices of Ryan Cartwright, Sean Faris, Charlie Kelly. He will be the storyteller starting the 22nd of October at Disney Junior’s “Friendships Tales with Winnie The Pooh”. He found his character in the short film very interesting, and really likes the script. Who doesn’t? 😉

Emiliy Kosciuk: Emily has a wide experience in art short films. He is a sensitive photographer, we love her stills!

Raul Peña: Peña, as he likes to be called, is our very experienced cinematographer. His favourites movies are anything from Kubrick.

Olga Lorente: Olga is our trusted acting coach, a great help for the actors to reach the heights that Mind Stroke demands. Olga is a former model, and she is a professional of casting and coaching.

Delia Leon: The Producer of Mind Stroke is a lawyer and journalist, in love with movie making. Delia was utterly inexperienced when Chester decided to proposed her during a coffee table conversation to join the team. She accepted, this is how she saw one of her dreams come true, and started becoming a part of this world.

María Díaz: Maria is a wizard. She is our Production Designer, her taste and practical skills make a strong contribution to how the actors feel in their roles, and how the short film will look.

Jorge Granda: Jorge is a great musician, he is a master of emotions; he can convey anything.

Pelayo Alvarez: Pelayo is from Asturias, as he likes to remind us once in a while. He is a perfectionist sound engineer and editor. What a nice defect to have. Among his many skills, he is a professional photographer and a professional violinist too!

Alberto Castro: Alberto is our camera operator, he is a long standing team member of my team.

Alena Huberova: Alena is new to filmmaking and a very efficient assistant producer.

Alvaro Garcia: Alvaro was our assistant director for the teaser. He rides a cool Harley Davidson, and he dared to park it inside our spooky location.

Sergio Siruela is the assistant director.

Alejandro de la Llave: Alejandro is our producer. He has a lot of experience as a producer in Mexico and Spain.

Carlos Álvarez: Carlos is a young foquist, he recently shot the movie “Haz de tu vida una obra de arte” with Peña.

Guillermo Sánchez: Guillermo is a young assistant to the cinematographer, he recently shot the movie “Haz de tu vida una obra de arte” with Peña.

Rebeca Velvet: Rebeca is our designer, to tell you the truth we have never met in person, but I loved her work as soon as I saw it. What do YOU think of the poster she designed?

María Izquierdo: Maria is the youngest of the team, this is her first experience, so we had to ease her initial anxious feelings. As it happens, our trust on her was justified.

Montse Villa: Our Make-up artist, Miguel and Ian never new the could resemble the characters so much!

Irene Navares: Irene is a passionate a proficient editor. We are long time collaborators, and I am happy to carry on the tradition. Is only fair that she is involved in the production, as the original idea that triggered writing this script was hers.

Chester Wilder

Shooting Mind Stroke

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